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Handbook of Latin-American Studies

Cuba. Una Identità en movimento [an excellent and wide-ranging Italian site ]
Índice a la Historia de Familias Cubanas, Vols. 1-9 Library
of Congress Subject Search
LANIC Cuba Adminet Cubalink
[Georgetown University]

Cuba Solidarity
Cubaweb Orientation Latin America


Famous People
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz
Ernesto Guevara de la Cerna (Ché)
Ernest Hemingway
Alberto Diaz Gutiérrez (Korda)



The WWWVL Historical Journals Guide

Cuba in Transition. Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of the
Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE)

Cuba Nuestra [edited by Cuban students in Sweden]

La Nueva Cuba Nexos Revista de Literatura Cubana en Internet



Archivo Nacional de Cuba
Los Fondos de Archivo de la República de Cuba (Hasta 1900).

Archivo General de las Indias [España]

Archivos Militares Cubanos y Españoles

Archivos de las Iglesias de Cuba

Repositories of Primary Sources.

latin America and Caribbean

Che Guevara Internet Archive

Discursos e intervenciones del Comandante
en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruíz, Presidente del Consejo
de Estado de la República de Cuba

The Granma Archives


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Documentos de la Iglesia Católica de Cuba

Obras de Jose Martí

Poemas y Letras de José Martí

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History of Cuba

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Cuban Posters

Television Program Transcripts Relating the Cuba in the Modern Era

"Varadero", by Alma DeRojas [SU Oral History Project]


Britannica - Cuba

Countries of the World - Cuba

World Factbook 2000 - Cuba

U.S. State Department Background Report - Cuba

Human Rights Watch


Locations and Mapping of Towns and Cities
Provincias de Cuba
cuba ny time
cuba free press project
the miami herald-cuba


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Ediciones Universales

Lugus Libros. Latin America Inc.



Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba

Biblioteca Nacional José Martí

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University of Miami - Cuban Collection


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Center for Cuban Studies

Center for International Policy The Cuba Project

Cuban Genealogical

Centro de la Genealogía Cubana

Cuba Program [Georgetown University]

Cuban Research Institute [Florida International University]

Cuban Studies Institute [Tulane University]

La Oficina del historiador de la Ciudad de Habana







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Individual Biographies,

Fidel Castro 1926- Fidel Castro: Year One Che
Guevara 1928-1967
Antonio Maceo 1845-1896
José Martí 1853-1895 1 José Martí 1853-1895
José Martí 1853-1895 3 Materials on José
Felix Varela 1787-1853







  Surveys and Overviews
  16th Century  

17th Century


18th Century

  19th Century  
  20th Century
  • The Cuban Republic 1902-1958

  The Cuban Nation 1898-1959,
by Wesley Wolfe
Cuba after the Spanish American War and Taiwan after WWII
[an essay in comparative history]
Agreement Between the United States
and Cuba for the Lease of Lands for Coaling
and Naval stations; February 23, 1903
Lease to the United States by the
Government of Cuba of Certain
Areas of Land and Water for Naval
or Coaling Stations in Guantanamo
and Bahia Honda; 2 July 1903

The Platt Amendment 1903
A Socioeconomic Perspective
on Cuban-American Relations, 1900-1934

Treaty Between the United States of America
and Cuba; May 29, 1934


The Revolution 1953-1958

The Day That Launched the Cuban
Revolution 26 July 1953
, by Jill Hickson
The Cuban Revolution Brigada Romona
Articles from the Sierra Maestre
by Che Guevara
The Cuban Nation, 1898-1959

Cuba 1959 [in French]


The Republic Under Castro

The Chairman Smiles: Posters from
the Former Soviet Union, Cuba, and
Bay of Pigs Invasion 16 April 1961

Bay of Pigs Invasion The Ultrasensitive
Bay of Pigs: Newly Released Portions of
Taylor Commission Report Provide Critical
New Details on Operation Zapata

Map of Bay of Pigs Operational Plan
Playa de Giron

Giron. 40 Años Despues

Kennedy and Castro. The Secret Search
for Accommodation
, by Peter Kornbluh
Kennedy-Castro Guerre Froise à la Havanne
[in French]


The Cuban Missile Crisis, 16-31 October 1962

The Cuban Missile Crisis 2 [at]
The Cuban Missile Crisis 3
to John F. Kennedy

The British Response to
the Cuban Missile Crisis

9 October 1967
The Death of Che Guevara
by Peter Kornbluh 1975 Beisbol Diplomacy.
U.S.-Cuban Negotiations to
Hold Exhibition Games
, by Peter Kornbluh
"We will never change, because we are right",
speech of Fidel Castro, 22 October 1995 U.S.
Tightens Sanctions on Cuba 1996

[the Helms-Burton bill]
1998 The Papal visit to Cuba
The Buenavista Social Club
[Cuban music and musicians]
40th Anniversary of the
Cuban Revolution 1 January 1999

Cuba Revisited, November 2004 - 44 Years Later .