Ecotourism Organizations
What's New Definition
  Issues with Ecotourism  
  We generally take either an advocacy role of highlighting the main issues around ecotourism, or a practical approach to ecotourism as a conservation and development tool. Here we list the more issue-oriented ones.  
  Rethinking Tourism  
  Tourism Concern  
  Tourism Watch  
  Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung e.V (Institute for Tourism and Development)

  Fundacion Pachamama / The Pachamama Alliance  
  Ecotourism: the Promise and Perils of Environmentally-Oriented Travel (Released February 2003) by Heather E. Lindsay  
  International Ecotourism Management: Using Australia and Africa as Case Studies  
  Human Dimension  
 Ecotourism, ecotravel, ecolodges and just generally being "eco" have become popular tourism sales pitches.  What is true ecotourism? What defines an ecolodge or an ecological company?  How is the surrounding community involved?  And finally, is ecotourism such a great thing anyways?