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  Volunteer opportunities in Your State. If you are interested in environmental conservation.  
  International volunteer work in Ecuador, Spanish classes, research,  ecotourism, sustainability,  protecting cultural and biological diversity in Galapagos, Andes, Pacific, Amazonia  
  Volunteer Projects help conserve Ecuador's remaining tropical rainforest. Volunteers can work from 6 weeks to 6 months in Ecuador. Our projects are open to everyone aged 18.All our volunteer work is fully researched so you can be sure you are going to a worthwhile and rewarding project. Before you start your conservation work as a volunteer, we prepare you with plenty of background information about the project and the country, a full orientation once you arrive and support while you are volunteering abroad.
Available placements:

Rainforest Conservation Volunteer Project

Conservation in the Galapagos Islands

  Volunteer with Ecotrackers you can choose which, and how many, communities you would like to visit, and the kind of work you would like to do.   

The college of Jaime Raldos in the community of Santiago de Morona is looking for volunteers with specific skills  to:

  • Teach English/Italian/French/German to its ecotourism students
  • Help develop their experimental farm (trout, dairy, poultry, guinea pigs, fruit and vegetables, rice, etc)
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Eco-Tourism Intern  
Chef Intern
  Bahias of Huatulco Language
School and Travel Services.
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