Ecological Consulting Unit
Our Ecological Consulltin Unit provides professional expertise in the field of Habitat Restoration design, mitigation plans, biological monitoring, biotic studies and Jurisdictional areas delineation.The group provides professional services in terrestrial and aquatic biology, botany, soil science, and construction management; preparation of riparian / wetland mitigation, habitat conservetion and wildlife habitat protection plans, delineation of jurisdictional areas under Section 404 of the Clear Water Act: implementation of endangered species studies under section 7 and 10 of the Endangered Species Act : implementation of natural resources inventories, biotic assessment studies, sensitivity/constraint analyses, and preparation of all necessary federal, state, and local permits for pulic and private projects.




Habitat Restoration Unit
Our Habitat Restoration Unit is licenced by the state of California Contractor Board. The Unit provides professional services in planning, construction, and maintenanceof natural and restored areas. The Unit's products and services include: construction and maintenance of mitigation , habitat restoration and erosion protection projects; preparation of contract documents (specification and drawings); preparation of planting, irrigation, and maintenance plans: installation of plants and irrigation systems; implementation of plant establishment-period maintenance; on-site monitoring and project management.




Main Office
591 Pineridge Road
Santa Cruz, California 95060

831.427.9940 (office)
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Ambessaw Assegued, President


Southern California Office
1078 St. Augustine
Clairmont, California 91711

909.621.2873 (office)
909.621.2873 (fax)
xxxxl/Regional Mgr.



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