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Ecotourism Organizations
  Undergraduate Study  
  South Africa
  Post Graduate  
  Other Courses  
  Undergraduated USA  

University of Denver/University College
Distance Learning Certificate Ecotourism Management (CAGS)

Hocking College
Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Program

The School for Mountain Studies
Various ecotourism related full credit courses in the US and abroad

Oregon State University - Cascades Campus
B.Sc Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Touris
m w/ International Ecotourism option

  Undergraduated UK  

University of Central Lancashire
B.Sc Ecotourism

University of Central Lancashire
Joint honour degrees available with Ecotourism

Napier University
B.Sc Ecotourism

University of Portsmouth
B.Sc Ecotourism

  Undergraduated South Africa  

University of Pretoria
BA / BSc Hons in Ecotourism

University of Pretoria
M.Sc in Ecotourism

University of Pretoria
Phd in Ecotourism

  Undergraduated Australia  

Griffith University
B.Sc. in Ecotourism

The Australian Correspondence School
Certificate in Ecotourism

The University of Notre Dame
Bachelor or Environmental Studies (Ecotourism)

Charles Sturt University
BAppSci Ecotourism

University of Ballarat
Diploma of Tourism (Ecotourism)

Flinders University
Bachelor of Technology (Ecotourism)Charles Sturt University
BAppSci Parks, Recreation Heritage / Ecotourism

Charles Sturt University
BAppSci Parks, Ecotourism/IT

  Postgraduate US  

Humboldt State UniversityPostGraduateCertificate in Ecotourism Planning & Management

  Postgraduate UK  

University of Portsmouth
M.Sc Ecotourism

University of Portsmouth
PgD Ecotourism

University of Portsmouth
PgC Ecotourism

Napier University, Edinburgh
MSc / PgDip Ecotourism

  Postgraduate Australia  

James Cook University
Master of Tourism (Ecotourism)

University of South Australia
Graduate Certificate in Applied Science (Ecotourism)

University of South Australia
Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (Ecotourism and Outdoor Recreation)

Charles Sturt University
GCert/GDip/MAppSci Ecotourism

Charles Sturt University
PhD Ecotourism (or other chosen research area)

  Other Courses  

TIES Distance Learning Course & Sustainable Tourism Certificate

Together with the George Washington University, TIES is launching a new program of distance learning courses.These courses can be taken on-line . , Take any six courses and earn the Sustainable Tourism Certificate issued by George Washington University. This program grows out of a ten-year partnership with GWU’s International Institute of Tourism Studies teaching classroom courses. For further information, visit


Conservation International, Seminars on Ecotourism

  • Awareness/Education Seminars
  • Ecotourism Assessment
  • Participatory Planning Workshops
  • Ecotourism Code of Best Practices
  • Ecotourism Product Development
  • Ecotourism Business Incubators
  • Business Development and Training
  • Support to In-country Staff
  ECO-TOURISM MANAGEMENT The national qualification in Eco-Tourism Management is currently presented up to B Tech level, Master (M Tech) degree level and Doctoral (D Tech) degree level. These courses have been developed in association with Department of Tourism Management according to the changing needs of the eco-tourism industry. It focuses strongly on management and entrepreneurship. By means of interpretation and transfer, modern technology is accessed and made useful to students and the eco-tourism industry.  
  Ecotourism-Woodland Campus
Ecotourism is a/an certificate program. It provides knowledge and skill development in Ecotourism.
  Center on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
A Joint Program of Stanford University and the Institute for Policy Studies < launch press release, The CESD's mission is to design, monitor, evaluate, and improve ecotourism and sustainable tourism practices and principles. Its policy-oriented research focuses on ecotourism as a tool for poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation, as well as socially and environmentally responsible tourism practices.
  College of Health & Human Performance
LEI 4833 - Ecotourism
This course is a survey of the history, philosophy, organization and management of ecotourism. The class surveys a variety of nature-based tourism & ecotourism destinations in order to study and compare operations, facilities, personnel and programming. Includes an introductory survey of the history, terminology and current issues of ecotourism. Also a survey of the system components: park visitors, recreation resources, policies and administrative principles. Including an overview of urban, private, regional, state and federal roles in the provision of outdoor recreation opportunities. Concluding with an introduction to natural resource-based tourism and private and commercial outdoor recreation services together with an exploration of recreation and conservation values.
  Faculty of Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Ecotourism
Throughout the degree there is a strong emphasis on practical training underpinned by a strong scientific background. Consequently students are trained in critical thinking, thinking on their feet, and delivering technical information in an accessible way that is free of jargon and understandable by non-specialists. In addition students are trained in the business and tourism subjects vital for managing an ecotourism business
  Unity College
Parks, Recreation and Ecotourism (PRE) major
Unity College’s parks, recreation and ecotourism (PRE) major provides students with the educational foundation for work in a wide range of work settings such as parks and protected natural areas, the public and private business sectors, nonprofit environmental organizations, as well as local, state and federal natural resource agencies.

Pima Community College is located in Tucson, Arizona, the Department of Travel and Tourism offers an online tourism education program that prepares students for a wide variety of tourism careers in:Tour Group Development


The major in recreation and leisure studies consists of at least 31 hours and provides two option areas: Outdoor Education/Camp Administration and Therapeutic RecreationAll students will take a core consisting of REC. 220,221,300,406 and three hours of elective within the curriculum. The internship will provide an experiential opportunity for the application of theory and practice with practitioners in the field of leisure services.
  Paul Smith's College Students
The Recreation, Adventure Travel, and Ecotourism (RATE) program will be actively engaged on- and off-campus in academic projects. Graduates will pursue careers as Outdoor Educators, Wilderness Instructors and Guides, Adventure Program Specialists, Small Business Owners, or in a variety of related occupations.
  SWU University   The Institute and the Graduate School offer a master’s of science degree in Eco-Tourism Management (M.Sc.) that provides a specialist postgraduate qualification in Eco-tourism management and is designed to develop trained professionals through action research.  Eco-Tourism courses can be taken for the International Program in Eco-Tourism Management (B.A.). Programs offered include semester length and intensive short courses.  
  MountRoyalCollegeETOL 2401 - Ecotourism Facilitation Skills (formerly ETOL 4401)(3 credits) 3 hours lectureThis course studies the knowledge and skills of leading groups in global ecotourism environments. Students will study teaching and learning methodologies, learning styles, interpretation, group facilitation, moderator techniques, needs assessment surveys and program assessment methods.
Prerequisite: Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership 2203, Applied Communications 2245, and Recreation Studies 1247.
  Griffith University BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, ECOTOURISM MAJORQTAC Number 234112  

Birdwatching classes

Classes tackle ecopuzzles
Dr. Costanza is still crossing the lines between economics and ecology in his roles as a professor at the University of Vermont in Burlington and director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics there. Ecotourism Club Ecoturism Student Center


Nature Connected and Inner Peace Jobs, Work, Degrees and Careers for Graduate Student nstitute of Global Education
Special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council
Dr. Michael J. Cohen, DirectorNature Connected and Inner Peace Jobs, Work, Degrees and Careers for Graduate Student

The Eco Tourism Lecture

The purpose of this lecture is to orient you to the goals of ecotourism and make you aware of the issues surrounding global tourism in general. We will cover the goals of ecotourism and why it is better than other forms of tourism and also touch on its downfalls and what needs to hapen to make it truely successful.


International Institute of Soccer Tourism (IIST)